Saturday, 1 February 2014

Third time's a charm?

My practice swap hat and actual swap hat are all finished and Felicity's blanket is still awaiting it's backing so there was nothing else to do but start a new project. What a shame! I decided to cast on a Cabled Teddy Hat for Felicity using some lovely brown Drops Lima. I'd completed the ribbing and was halfway through the first cable row when it all went a bit wrong. Felicity had somehow got milk all over her leg and on my way upstairs to clean her up my nostrils were assaulted by a horrible stench emanating from the steaming pile of cat turds one of my furry darlings had deposited in the hallway. In the time it took me to take the baby upstairs and come back down to the kitchen for cleaning supplies Miss Cassie had discovered the partially knitted hat and removed the needles. Awesome. Seeing as I hadn't got that far I decided to rip back and start again.

Yesterday I cast on again and got knitting. This time I got to the second set of cables before again hastily leaving the room without properly securing my knitting.... Yep you guessed it, this time the needles were out and Cassie was running around in a growing tangle of brown yarn. Ugh. Little monkey unwound and yarn reballed I decided that I could get away with just ripping back to the end of the ribbing before starting the cables again. So, third time's the charm right? Wrong. For some reason when I went to bed last night I completed half of the third cable round. This morning I looked at my knitting and saw only the completed cables, looked at my counter which suggested I hadn't done the cable round and decided that the counter must be wrong and went on knitting the next round. 3 rounds later I finally realised what I'd done and it was time to start unknitting. Seriously I think this hat is cursed.


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Renee Anne said...

Little Man has never really gone after my knitting. He loves the yarn, though :)