Saturday, 31 October 2015


I've had a few weeks off so I'm just squeaking in right at the end to share what I've been up to this month.  I've mostly been working on secret projects, which is not ideal blog fodder but here's what I can share.
After finishing a secret spinning project, I decided to be really good and finish up another old spindle project that's been kicking around for years.  I'd got to a point where the spindle was full so I spun the little chunk of fibre that was needed to finish the stripe I was working on on to the wheel first, then wound the spindle spun fibre on to the bobbin and now I'm spinning the up the rest.   I can't wait to finish this.

Despite having a very strict spinning plan and banning myself from buying any more fibre until phase 1 is complete I did have a blip when I went to the Knitting and Stitching Show at Alexandra Palace a few weeks ago.  I was literally just leaving when I spotted the Spin City stall out of the corner of my eye.  I'd been eyeing up Louise's fibre on Etsy for a while and I couldn't resist these two lovely braids.  Her shop can be found here now, her spindles alone are well worth a look.  My only other purchase was the Sewaholic Seymour raincoat.  I'd nearly downloaded it a few days previously but decided to treat myself when I saw it on the Fabric Godmother stall.  My sister, Jess and I had a really nice day out together, even though I didn't buy much, it's always nice to be surrounded by so many people who love making stuff as much as I do.

This is yet another Woolly Wormhead hat for Cassie, this time Lollie from Twisted Woolly Toppers.  The style of the hat is a little shorter than I'd normally go for as it doesn't quite cover her ears, but it's made from bulky yarn so it will keep Cassie warm unless it's really cold.  The yarn is DROPS Peak, which is a bit acrylicky for my liking and I probably won't use again, but it is ridiculously pink and therefore completely awesome for this particular pink enthusiast!

It's swap time again for the Due in April 2012 Ravelry group.  I got this awesome package from Gio in Switzerland and I am so excited to knit with Yak yarn!  I've got a few projects I need to finish first but it's definitely going to jump the queue because its calling to me very loudly.  The chocolate also keeps calling, I've been rationing it because it's really yummy but there's only so long I can make it last!

And lastly, have you seen Eskimimi's latest pattern the Tiny Roar Lion Bonnet?  I couldn't resist her call for test knitters last month because it was so cute.  The pattern is really great and has a couple of helpful videos (seriously, I'm going to be applying icord to the edges of EVERYTHING now!) but unfortunately Lissy wants nothing to do with this hat.  This is literally the only time she has agreed to wear it so I haven't got any good photos.  It's got plenty of room in it though so sooner or later I will catch her wearing it!

So Happy Halloween to those who halloween and have a nice weekend to those who don't.  I'll be back as soon as my swap parcel arrives in it's location and I can finally share it's contents.

Saturday, 3 October 2015

FOs: Spinning edition

It's been spinning central round here recently. With my sewing machines out of action and the enthusiasm which comes from picking up something that you haven't done for ages I've really quickly finished 3 skeins of yarn. I'm also most of the way through another 100g, but that's for a swap so that's all I'm saying about that today.

This is the fibre I was chain plying in my last post, all finished around four years after I started spinning it! Rather gratifyingly it's turned out to be just lovely, when a project takes so long from start to finish it would be so disappointing for it to be disappointing. I'm also pleased it turned out so well as the hand dyed top that I started with was really lovely and I'd have hated for it to be a bit meh. It came from FeltStudio's Etsy shop, which I can highly recommend, I love the colours and the fibre is always beautifully soft and open and fluffy. I've spun (and finished) this sparkly BFL blend before to make this hat and loved it just as much then.

A trawl through my archives found this photo of the top in 2011!

This yarn is much thinner than one however, I'm estimating it to be around a light fingering weight and I've got around 350m. Maybe some sparkly socks or something pretty for around the neck?

The South American fibre sitting on bobbins awaiting plying in the last post is also finished. At that point I had a second 100g awaiting spinning. I've now finished the whole lot, so that's nice.

There's not a whole lot to say about it that I haven't already said. I'm quite pleased with the way the colours barber pole together and the striping of the purple and orange strand is nice. Overall I think I prefer the purple sections and I'm considering dyeing up some more fibre in similar colours.

This yarn is around a DK weight and again I've got around 350m. I'm quite keen to try and squeeze out a little sweater for Lissy, but I'll definitely have to get going before she gets too much bigger or I won't have enough yarn.

While the spinning phase is continuing I'm really hoping to get my sewing machines up and running this weekend. I hate having a half finished dress hanging around as well as two more projects that are cut out and getting mixed up and sat on by my cats. It great when your clothes are all hairy before you've even made them! I hope everyone else has a nice weekend :)