Sunday, 9 September 2012


I started making Cassie another dress from Making Baby's Clothes last night. It's a really cute dungaree dress which I have lived since the first moment I saw it. I've just finished cutting out the pieces...all 26 of them. Yep, this really wants to be as cute as the picture when it's done!

Here's Cassie in the first dress I made from the book. It's quite big for her now but she doesn't mind and it'll last her for a while.

Thursday, 6 September 2012

Reasons to love my postman 1

Lots of lovely stuff has been dropping through my door recently, mainly for sewing which seems to be my craft of choice for the moment.  A few days ago I opened an envelope to find this lovely package all wrapped up like a present.
A dress kit I ordered from Clothkits.  I was so looking forward to this arriving, I remember wearing their clothes as a child so the nostalgia factor is high.  The presentation when it all arrived was a total bonus though.  Even though I knew what was inside it was exciting to open it.  Another little parcel inside reminded me of pass the parcel and contained some super cute ribbon with deer on and some liberty print bias binding which I'll be saving for a special project.
I'm itching to sew up this dress, but it is age 1-2 and there are things in Cassie's current size that I want to make first.  Maybe the thought of getting to work on this will spur me on to get the other projects done quicker!

Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Wow, It's been a long time....

...but here I am.  Not that it came as a great surprise but looking after a baby is pretty time consuming!  However, now that Cassie is nearly 6 months old (how did that happen?) she is becoming more independent and I'm getting the odd minute to myself.  In the last week I've managed to get 4 sewing projects finished, so not only do I have the time to blog, I actually have made things to blog about.

So here's the little lady herself modelling some little corduroy trousers I made on Friday and one of a big pile of bibs I made from t-shirts a while back.  Hasn't she grown?
 The pattern for the trousers came from Rob Merrett's book Making Baby's Clothes, there are lots of lovely ideas in the book.  I've already made a pretty little dress and plan to make another very soon.
My next project a bit of a work in progress, I loosely followed this tutorial to make a highchair cover.  Made from skull and crossbones fabric ( because I bought far too much about 4 years ago) the highchair looks totally badass, but the bit that holds it on the back is too small so it keeps slipping off.
My plan is to add and extra bit at the back with a pocket for wipes which should weigh the whole thing down and hold it in place.

Finally I made this little taggy thingy to send away for a RAK.  Inside there is a layer of cellophane which makes that lovely crinkly sound that babies seem to love.  Cassie has two of them and spends ages scrunching them up and chewing the little ribbons, I hope the recipient loves hers as much.
I'll end with gratuitous baby pic, just because I think she's the cutest little person!