Tuesday, 23 July 2013

I'm melting!

It is hot, hot, hot here at the moment and being British I'm not coping too well with it.  Any thought of knitting or spinning has gone out of the window.  I have however done a little bit of sewing, finally finishing Cassie's Clothkits dress.  I bought this kit quite some time ago and blogged about it here and then I put it aside because it wasn't Cassie's size so I was waiting until she was bigger.  Since then she has done much growing so I thought I'd best get on with it, but could I find the instructions anywhere?  Of course not!  I emailed Clothkits and they emailed me a PDF copy the very next day, so I can't say enough good stuff about them.  The dress itself was very easy to make and I could very easily get used to using fabric with the pattern already marked on it, such a luxury.  I did miss out the final step, where you sew two button holes and a button which together form a tuck which I guess you can then let out to make the dress last a bit longer.  When I did a quick try on I didn't think she needed it, but when she gets to wear it properly I might change my mind.

So here's the finished object
I haven't actually put Cassie in it yet because her outfit of choice at the moment is this
 and I don't think she will really appreciate me dressing her up just to take pictures when it is so hot.