Monday, 29 December 2014

Catch up

As I've been absent for a while I'm going to do a quick catch up today and see if I can't get back on track. So what's been going on with me?

1. My gallbladder is still my least favourite body part and is basically the reason why I'm playing catch up on everything from blogging, to knitting, to Christmas. I have now met with my surgeon and he agrees that me and it should be parted as soon as possible so hopefully I should be getting it out within weeks.

2. I made Stu a hat.

Turn a Square by Jared Flood

I have knit for Stu twice before, I started a cardigan for him but got bored because it was big and grey and dull and then he put on weight and it was unlikely to fit and I made him a hat last year that was far too small. This fits him, was fun to knit and he wears it so this was definitely a case of third time lucky.

3. I knit a hat for my aunt for Christmas, decided I really liked it and debated keeping it but eventually gave it away anyway. I'd like to say I'll knit myself one in the future but I have to say I didn't love knitting this, there is just soooo much reverse stockinette and the cables make it difficult for my brain to see a way of knitting it inside out. I'd need to modify the crown a bit too, it doesn't quite work for me.

Themisto by Tori Gurbisz

4. We went on our holidays! The four of us plus our sisters went off to Center Parcs for 5 days and there was swimming, roller skating, swinging, and sliding galore for the girls. Stu got to eat his own body weight in food and I got a particularly lovely 3 hours chilling out in the spa with my SIL. Bliss.

Me wearing Liss, with my sis
Cassie loving the 'reindeer' in her Quynns

5. Christmas happened. Like pretty much everyone else in the world we were ill but it still, mostly, happened. Our Christmas Eve dinner with my family was moved from my parents house to ours and then cancelled as we all dropped like flies but we had a lovely Christmas Day at my SILs. The girls got sooo much stuff and as the first Christmas where Cassie really knew what was going on it was utterly magical. I only got one knitting book this year, but I got three colouring books and some nice recipe books so I was happy.

Father Lissmas!!

6. I gave Stu a mitten! I'm now knitting the second one, rather than hoping he'll have the type of industrial accident that will mean he only needs one mitten. I'm good like that.

Norwegian Totoro Mittens by Brella

So that's me pretty much up to date, next up is Felicity's birthday preparations (seriously how are we nearly there already) and my attempt to finish sewing my Christmas Day outfit. I'm so behind!