Friday, 8 February 2019

FO: Moving Forward MKAL

Well here it is, all blocked and ends woven in (oh the ends…soooo many ends!)

I will say that this is not entirely my cup of tea now that it is done, but that is the risk that you take with mystery knitting and I’m completely fine with that.  The process was fun and I enjoyed seeing this come together and I can always find someone up whose alley this will be so it’s all good.  

I feel that this project did carry a slightly higher element of risk given that it involved choosing a number of colours without knowing how they would be combined and I can certainly say that I would have chosen completely different colours had I seen the pattern first.  Despite really liking the colour combo that I picked, somehow the end result is not me at all.  I would have preferred it if I’d chosen all shades of one colour with the difference in shades being very slight for a much more subtle effect.  Of course now I know that there is absolutely nothing stopping me knitting another and choosing the exact colour scheme that I want and I may very well do that at some point. 

So, there’s not really much to say about this further to what I’ve already said about each clue as I knitted them.  This is my finished Moving Forward, it is lovely and soft and I really like the different textures of it, I’m just not entirely satisfied with my colour palette and so off into the present box it goes until I match it up with the person it’s meant to be with.

Friday, 1 February 2019

Something Pretty!

I hope everyone is keeping warm wherever you are.  We were forecast snow during the night, along with a lot of the UK, and although I know i did snow a bit it turned to rain and we woke up to a very drab grey day with persistent rain.  It is however very cold and going outside is just the worst.  So to brighten up an otherwise drab day I thought I would share some very pretty yarn that I received a couple of weeks ago.

Shortly after new year I received the very exciting news that I was one of the lucky prize winners from the 2018 Boo Knits Challenge.  I was pretty shocked because I actually won a prize last year so I did not expect another one at all.  There were prizes for the 3 knitters who completed the most items in the year, I did not win one of those prizes seeing there were people who knit more than 30!  Then there were 11 prizes to be drawn from all of the other knitters who completed the challenge.  We knew what each of the 11 prizes were but at that point didn’t know who had won what.  A few days after I was contacted by Sabine from Lichtfaden asking me which of 3 beautiful skeins of her Meridian Lace I would like to choose.  Honestly I couldn’t believe my luck!  I’ve used Meridian Lace once before to knit my Just Be You and it is just lovely.  It’s a total splurge though so I was very grateful to be getting my hands on some more.
Just Be You
I was able to choose between a beautiful one of a kind red skein, a skein of Mother of Pearl and one of Peacock Feathers.  They were all tempting but I knitted a red silk shawl last year and I haven’t really worn it so I’m not sure another would fit in to my wardrobe.  The Mother of Pearl was very hard to resist but very special and not really for everyday wear so I went for the Peacock Feathers which is also beautiful but somehow more wearable in my own wardrobe.  Once it arrived I knew I’d made the right choice, just look at it!

It had been delivered to the local Royal Mail office so I picked it up on the way to work and opened it there.  At least two of my colleagues remarked how it looked just like a peacock before they even saw the shade name on the label.  Another colleague has made me promise that she can have it if I die before knitting it up!  So now I just need to pick a pattern and choose the right beads for it because I really want to knit with this as soon as possible and then maybe it can help me on my way to completing this year’s Boo Challenge.

Tuesday, 29 January 2019

Moving Forward MKAL: Clues 6&7

So I'd hoped to bring you this post last week. Clue 7 arrived on Monday when I had a couple of rows of Clue 6 left to do and it turned out that Clue 7 was just the bind off so I was hoping to have it done in a flash.  Of course that was when I caught a godawful pestilence that has been doing the rounds here and pretty much didn't knit a stitch for several days.  Has anyone else had a horrible cold?  I wouldn't say it was quite as bad as flu but it was getting there and even now I'm recovering I feel all weak and pathetic and just.....wrong I guess.  Luckily I was expecting it as so many people around me were ill and I knew it was going to be bad so I wasn't surprised by how awful I felt, but still, ugh.
Anyway I've recovered enough to finish the last 2 clues and get this shawl off the needles.  Clue 6 featured a series of increases which help to form the points as well as 2 row stripes.  I completely failed to notice until it was far too late that the penultimate stripe was supposed to be in colour B instead of colour D.  A bit of a whoops there but I decided that it really wasn't going to bother me enough to warrant unknitting a row and and a half so it stays.
Clue 7 was just the bind off and we were given the choice of doing a picot bind off or substituting a stretchy bind off of our choice.  Now had I been knitting along as soon as the clue released I would have gone for the picot bind off.  I don't particularly enjoy working them and I find that they can look a little fussy for me at times, but I like the way they look on some shawls and I'd have given it a go on this one.  As I'd fallen behind however I was able to check out some of the finished shawls and decided that in this case I did prefer the simpler edge so that's what I did.
All that remains now is to get this thing blocked and get some nice photographs so that I can show off the finished object in all it's glory.

Saturday, 19 January 2019

Moving Forward MKAL: Clue 5

Oooooooh spoilers!
Well we're getting there, Clue 5 is done so there are only 2 clues to go 😀  This clue was a fun one! It started with another row of purl, yarn over, purl into a knit 3 together which is tedious but looks really pretty but the rest of the clue was very enjoyable to knit.  It consisted of slipping sets of stitches and leaving the yarn floats in front and the catching up the floats a few rows later to make little triangles. 
I've used a similar technique before to add little butterfly motifs to a pair of socks so this was fairly simple.
Small tangent: At this point I disappeared off to Ravelry to see if I had a picture of said socks, I did (obviously!)  and WOW I knit these 10 years ago, seriously it's like I blink these days and a year goes by!  I still have these socks, they have a few holes in and are starting to look a bit tatty but now I realise that the reason for this is because they are older than my children.
So yeah.  This clue took a few days due to the rows getting longer, but it was fun and I like the way it looks.  The next clue introduces the 5th colour that I haven't used yet so I'm looking forward to getting going on that one.

Thursday, 17 January 2019

Moving Forward MKAL: Clue 4

Spoilers ahead!

I don’t have too much to say today, Clue 4 is pretty much Clue 2 but upside down so I’ll just share a few photos and move right along.

The only think worth mentioning is that I was supposed to switch down a needle size for this clue and I failed to notice this piece of information until I was at least halfway though.  There was no way I was ripping back for that so it stays the way it is.  I will however be paying slightly more attention to the needle sizes in further clues now that I know it is not entirely predictable!
So that’s it, I’m nearly done with Clue 5 so I should have that for you at the weekend.

Tuesday, 15 January 2019

FO: Little Trees

Please don't groan, this is another post about a two colour brioche hat.  You know the drill, I make a lovely hat, I enjoy making it, it doesn't fit right and I give it to someone it looks great on.  Not this time!  I'll go right ahead and say this hat is awesome, fits just the way I want it and I now need at least 3 more of these in my life.  Boom!
The pattern I used this time was Little Trees by Raina K, this pattern is not described as slouchy but I figure that this time I would pay attention to the length of the hat and knit a little extra height so that it could fall down a bit at the back and give me the extra head volume I need to not look weird.  I'm aware that I'm starting to sound a bit bonkers about hats and the size of my head but let's just put it down to one of those little foibles that everyone has and move along.
In the end this hat turned out to be plenty tall enough without adding any extra height and I really love the shape of it on me.  This was another enjoyable knit and I'm really happy with the colours I chose.  I used DROPS Lima once again, this time in Cerise and Ice Blue.  I popped a fur pompom on the top because I am done making my own pompoms but I do enjoy a bobble on my hats so I now have a stash of furry ones to choose from.  This pattern is slightly more complex than the others I've made with 3 different brioche decreases and also an increase but once you're down with the technique it all becomes pretty simple.
So finally we have it, my briochey happy ending made all the sweeter by the false starts I had along the way.

Sunday, 13 January 2019

Moving Forward MKAL Clue 3

As ever, spoilers ahead for anyone participating
Unlike the previous two clues, this clue arrived on a work day and I made the mistake of taking a quick peek it before I started working even though I knew I wouldn't be able to get started for hours.  Also it was Monday when Cassie has choir after school so I had to wait until I'd finished work, picked Felicity up at 3:15 and then gone back for Cassie at 4:15 by which time I really should be starting the dinner and so on.  This was a real bugger because this clue looked like fun to knit, and when I finally got going it really was!
The clue began and ended with a row of working a purl, yo, purl into 3 stitches which was a bit of a fiddle and took a while but I'm sure will look lovely and lacy once the finished shawl is blocked.  The centre section consists of vertical stripes made from slipped stitches.  This was worked by slipping every other stitch using  the first colour and then sliding all the stitches back to other end of the needles and then knitting the slipped stitches with the other colour before finally turning the work.  This was enjoyable to knit and looks lovely, I like how the stripes are subtle, as the yarns don't contrast too much, but still visible.  It's a nice effect.
So that's clue 3 done, only 4 clues left to go!