Saturday, 21 June 2014

Catch up

So, I got most of the way through blog week and then kind of disappeared. Things have been a little chaotic here, both kids got sick, Felicity was fine with it but Cassie took it very personally and was quite hard work. Since then I've been working on the little shrugs whenever I've had time and it hasn't been too hot and doing a bit of sewing on my new sewing machine but mostly I have been coping with the dreaded terrible twos! Cassie has been....challenging. She's mostly been very clingy, even a quick trip to the loo means sitting in the bathroom hearing her scream "I wanna cuddle!" over and over til I get back and I'm thoroughly sick of the phrases "it's mine", "it's Cassie's" and "not yours". It's all good though, all part and parcel of being a parent but it's not leaving time for much else.

So here's a quick round up to get me back on track.

Bridesmaids shrugs all done and dusted.

I did have to weave in all the ends in the car on the way to the wedding, but they were all done in time. Of course it was really hot on the day of the wedding, so I have no pictures of the girls all wearing them but I feel a bit like if it was Sod's law that it would be too hot for them to be needed then it was worth every stitch to guarantee glorious weather for Sam and Rachael on their wedding day!

Once those were done, I started these

I felt the need to do some socks, I haven't knitted any for soooo long. They are Greenwich by Shanghai Lily, I'm interested to see how they fit as they are a different construction than anything I've tried before.

This is my new sewing machine, it's computerised and I love it very much.

These are all the bits I've cut out for a Colette Parfait dress. There's a lot of bits, I really should find time to sew them all together.

Felicity is 5 months and looking very much like she's going to crawl any day now. Slow down baby!

I think that's it for the moment, now I just have to hope for a few more days like this:

Sunshine, my girlies and a spot of knitting. Bliss.