Thursday, 6 October 2011


Having found my camera SD card, which inevitably was down the back of the sofa, I’ve finally managed to take some pictures of my Shalom.
 I’m still beavering away on the yoke because, despite Autumn quite clearly arriving a few weeks ago we have been in the middle of a mysterious heat wave which is only just waning.  I hate to knit when it’s hot so I’ve been averaging about ¼ of a row per day for the last week or so.  Luckily it is starting to cool now, because at that rate I’d have given birth by the time this maternity cardigan is done.

Also on my memory card, much to my surprise were a whole host of photos from the summer, some photos of fibre I bought ages ago and forgot to blog about (I’ll catch up on that tomorrow) and also this:
 Which on closer inspection appears a strawberry shaped like a witches nose.  The strangest things amuse me.