Monday, 1 October 2012

Actual knitting FOs

I've been pretty busy the last couple of weeks, beavering away on several projects and actually finishing things.  I've finished sewing projects and spinning projects but today I'll just focus on the knitting.

First up is a cute little hooded cardi from a Debbie Bliss book my sister in law gave me last Christmas.

 I like it a lot, but there is no way I'll be knitting it again.  It's knit in loads of pieces and it's no secret that I hate sewing up.  Even the hood is made by casting off a load of stiches in the middle of a row, casting on a load more in the next row and then sewing it all up at the end.  Madness!

Next up, I just finished this:
And when I saw just finished I literally mean about 30 minutes ago.  I love it so much I could not wait to share.  The pattern is the Kittie Hat by kerli (pattern here) and is super super easy and so cute.  Also, it has magic powers, 5 minutes after putting it on Cassie finally cracked crawling.  With her magic cat hat on she put the wind up the actual cat who is not at all happy with this new found mobility.