Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Things I have done…

It's been a few days since I last posted which means I have to try and remember what on earth I have been up to and then hope that some of it is interesting enough to write about. Luckily I have had a week off, been to a local festival, had a birthday and completed some projects so there should be some material in there somewhere! So unlike my last post I can write about the things I have done, rather than the things I haven't. However I must start my mentioning that my birthday came and went without the completion of any of the projects I had planned to have done by then. This is because I was suffering from a severe case of 'everything I touch turns to crap' syndrome. I'm sure this happens to everyone from time to time, but it took me about a week to shake this bout. I tried to finish my envelope clutch, I gave up cos it was crap. I very carefully designed something similar, but smaller and simpler. It was crap. It looked fine on the inside but it wouldn't have closed and the card slots were about a millimetre too small. This all took about 3 days with nothing to show so I gave up on sewing to enjoy my birthday weekend. If I stopped sewing, things would stop being crap, right? Wrong. Saturday was the first day of Sweeps Festival and I had planned a nice relaxing day, shopping, having lunch then off to sit in the sun and drink beer followed by more beer in a pub garden. I went off shopping bought a new dress and some other bits and bobs and moseyed home, so far so good. The dress I was going to wear inexplicably looked crap on me, so I broke out the new one and was pleased. I started to do my hair and my straighteners stopped working. I decided not to get frustrated and leave them for a few minutes to cool off and try them again. Walking out of the room I caught my new dress on the door catch, there was a terrible ripping sound and I was stuck. I eventually extricated myself, had a good old swear and fired up the sewing machine. Dress fixed I discovered I had hoped too much for the straighteners which were buggered. I found an old set and got ready to leave the house. Despite it being a glorious day I thought ahead and grabbed a hoodie to wear for when it got cold later on and then promptly left that at the bus stop so that I could end the day at around midnight drunken and shivering, cursing my luck. Sunday started better, I was correctly attired and managed not to break anything. All was going swimmingly until we decided that we had better get something to eat and then Chris ate something which violently disagreed with him and we had to get home quick before there was a seismic bum event. On the plus side we were home in time for Supernatural. Monday was my actual birthday, my family came round and I scored a whole load of vouchers and cash plus a super cutting mat and rotary cutter combo which has proved invaluable for my small sewing project. Thanks mum! Then it was off to the pub again.

And there it would appear, my bad luck ran out because I have completed 2 projects! I tried the envelope clutch again and, while it could be a bit neater it is pretty cool and will be really useful for nights out (side pics). I also made an Estelle bag (below)for times when I need a larger bag with handles. Once again I could have done a slightly neater job, but I love it. Apart from a couple of fiddly bits it was really quick and easy to make and I can see a few more of these in my future. The instructions were a little hard to fathom on reading then through, but if you follow them step by step as you go all becomes clear. Now I want a matching wallet so I have a trio of skully accessories for all occasions. I love this How-to and think I will be trying it very shortly.

Thinks have also been going right on the getting fit front too. I had avoided getting on the Wii Fit for a while because my exercise has dropped off a bit recently as I have been really busy and I didn't want to know how much weight I had put back on. However I finally braved it and much to my surprise I had lost an entire 5lbs!!!!!! that puts the total loss so far as 1 stone 4 lbs, which is not too shabby. I do however need to get back in the pool and back out for some runs as the Race for Life is in less than 3 weeks. So far my Mum and I have raised over £100 and I want to be in tip top condition on race day. So all in all I have got quite a lot done since my last post. Good job!