Saturday, 3 October 2015

FOs: Spinning edition

It's been spinning central round here recently. With my sewing machines out of action and the enthusiasm which comes from picking up something that you haven't done for ages I've really quickly finished 3 skeins of yarn. I'm also most of the way through another 100g, but that's for a swap so that's all I'm saying about that today.

This is the fibre I was chain plying in my last post, all finished around four years after I started spinning it! Rather gratifyingly it's turned out to be just lovely, when a project takes so long from start to finish it would be so disappointing for it to be disappointing. I'm also pleased it turned out so well as the hand dyed top that I started with was really lovely and I'd have hated for it to be a bit meh. It came from FeltStudio's Etsy shop, which I can highly recommend, I love the colours and the fibre is always beautifully soft and open and fluffy. I've spun (and finished) this sparkly BFL blend before to make this hat and loved it just as much then.

A trawl through my archives found this photo of the top in 2011!

This yarn is much thinner than one however, I'm estimating it to be around a light fingering weight and I've got around 350m. Maybe some sparkly socks or something pretty for around the neck?

The South American fibre sitting on bobbins awaiting plying in the last post is also finished. At that point I had a second 100g awaiting spinning. I've now finished the whole lot, so that's nice.

There's not a whole lot to say about it that I haven't already said. I'm quite pleased with the way the colours barber pole together and the striping of the purple and orange strand is nice. Overall I think I prefer the purple sections and I'm considering dyeing up some more fibre in similar colours.

This yarn is around a DK weight and again I've got around 350m. I'm quite keen to try and squeeze out a little sweater for Lissy, but I'll definitely have to get going before she gets too much bigger or I won't have enough yarn.

While the spinning phase is continuing I'm really hoping to get my sewing machines up and running this weekend. I hate having a half finished dress hanging around as well as two more projects that are cut out and getting mixed up and sat on by my cats. It great when your clothes are all hairy before you've even made them! I hope everyone else has a nice weekend :)


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