Thursday, 27 February 2014

Swap Hats

Although the swap isn't completely finished, I believe a few are still to arrive, our part in it is done with Cassie's hat received and the hat I knitted safely at its destination. This is the second year that I have swapped with some of the other mums in my Ravelry due date group and it's been a joy to do it again. I was absolutely thrilled to bits when a parcel arrived from Ohio with this awesome hat in it.

Not only is it super cute and goes wonderfully with Cassie's coat, but because it is crocheted it is something that I couldn't have made for her myself. We've had some lovely comments about it, an old lady who was getting off the bus as we got on even told us how great it was, so it certainly makes an impression.

For my part I used Ekaterina Blanchard's Foxy & Wolfie pattern and made a Wolfie to send to little Eoin in Boston and a Foxy for Cassie.

Wolfie was very well received and fits Eoin nicely which is great news.

Cassie's Foxy is rather large however, but that just means it will last longer. I was really pleased I made Cassie's version first as I think it looks a little untidy in places and I remedied those issues with the second hat. The untidy line of stitches up the left side where white meets orange was down to me not reading the instructions properly but I had to alter the pattern slightly to get rid of the white ridge where the face meets the ears. Essentially I just used Kitchener stitch instead of the three needle bind off used in the pattern and it worked a treat. I love how these hats turned out, they are just so flipping cute!


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Renee Anne said...

Those are all adorable all around :) I need to get going on the knitting front again. I've been kind of in a big lull lately. Between being sick, being tired all the time, and Little Man being sick, I just don't have enough spoons in a day to knit. I'm sad but there's not much I can do about it.