Thursday, 20 February 2014

Oh, the ends!

All of the knitting is now done on Cassie's Lotta Bolero so all that is left is the sewing up and weaving in of ends. Not that there's many of those!

Seriously it looks like a jellyfish or something. This is why I hate knitting in pieces and only do so for things which I absolutely love. This cardigan is so flipping cute that I couldn't not knit it, but that won't stop me cursing all those ends. They'll have to wait til tomorrow though, we spend the day with my mum and dad every Friday and that means that they can keep the girls entertained while I get on with the sewing up. That will also keep me busy and stop me checking Ravelry every five seconds to see if clue 2 for my shawl has arrived!

So, if I'm lucky enough to find any knitting time today I guess I'll have to cast on something new. Such a tragedy.


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Renee Anne said...

I, too, hate weaving in ends and seaming. I am terrible with seaming so I tend to avoid it. However, my seam on my Baby Surprise Jacket was pretty spectacular. One of the few times a seam turned out well...