Sunday, 9 February 2014

WIP: Lotta Bolero

I've been working away slowly on Cassie's cardigan. It's actually quite a quick knit but for obvious reasons I can find it hard to sit and knit uninterrupted these days. I've done the back and both fronts so it's just the sleeves and collar left to do and of course all of the sewing up, yawn! I'm still enjoying the yarn and I'll definitely use it again. The contrast of the colours is a little more subtle than I would have liked but the effect is pleasant so I'm not too disappointed. With any luck I'll get this done in the next few days so I can get started on my next project, the Fiddleknits Me and You MKAL. The first clue comes out on Friday. It'll be my first mystery knit and I'm quite excited, I just hope I can keep up.



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