Saturday, 22 February 2014

FO: Lotta Bolero

Despite it's regrettable knit flatness I gritted my teeth yesterday and finished Cassie's Lotta Bolero. After an entire lifetime of sewing up and weaving in ends I had something that was not only wearable but fit Cassie nicely. I also happen to really love it, so it was all worth it.

I made a few little changes to the pattern. The sleeves in the pattern had an intentional fold back but I omitted that and will just fold back the sleeves or not as needed. I also did the back of the neck a little differently too, it's probably not as neat, but I think the big flappy collar disguises it so I'm not bothered.

The yarn, Drops Love You 4 is really nice, it's a little hairy but it's lovely and soft and the slight fuzziness makes it look soft too.

The pattern again is the Lotta Bolero from Millamia's Bright Young Things, the sizes go up to 5 years so I may be tempted to make it again in the future. I hated sewing it up but it's so cute I can see myself replacing this one when Cassie grows out of it.


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Renee Anne said...

That is adorable :)