Monday, 27 January 2014

Secret Squirrel

I've been finding it hard to compose a post, even though I've finished one project and am 3/4 of the way through another because they need to be kept a secret for a little while. Taking part in secret swaps is so much much fun, but not great to blog about, at least not until the package has been received. I'll do my best to try and write something that makes sense even though I won't mention the pattern or add any pics.

My plan was to knit 2 versions of this hat, one for secret toddler and, once that was done, one for Cassie. However when I did my swatch I was a little unsure that my gauge was going to work so I ended up knitting Cassie's first as it would be less of a disaster if it was too small. Bizarrely the finished hat ended up a little too big. Because Cassie has a small head I made hers I the smallest size with the intention of making the swap hat in the next size up, but I've ended up making the second one in the smallest size too seeing as how Cassie's is quite large. I'm pretty glad that I did make the practice one, size aside I have made a few tweaks to the swap version as there were a couple of elements that look a little scrappy on Cassie's hat and I would be unhappy sending it to another knitter. I'm really pleased with the second version so far and I can't wait to send it off and then I can share both projects here.

In other non news, Felicity's blanket is drying and then will be waiting for me to find time to sew on the backing and binding. Life with two kids is actually proving to be a little easier than I'd feared, but sewing up the blanket will not be made easier by having Cassie in the room so I'll have to wait until I have someone to watch the girls while I get on with it.

And finally, because I do feel like a post without pictures is a bit sad here's some cuteness for you!


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Renee Anne said...

She has such a little devilish grin. I think you're going to be in a lot of trouble as she gets older :)