Sunday, 19 January 2014

Yarny oops.

So this happened. Whoopsie! My graph is going to look really bad at the end of this month. However, once again all of this yarn has a purpose, I know exactly what I'm going to make with it and I'm going to make it all soon. Here's the line up.

Top left: Cabled Teddy Hat, probably one each for Cassie and Felicity.

Top right: Lotta Bolero from Millamia's Bright Young Things for Cassie.

Bottom right: Secret hat swap project, this yarn is actually for two versions, one for the swap and one for Cassie.

Bottom left: Themisto hat for me.

Hopefully I should blow through these projects pretty quickly, they are all fairly small which is ideal after knitting the baby blanket. Speaking of which, I have actually finished knitting the blanket. Considering I thought it might end up being a first Christmas present I'm really impressed that it's done before Felicity is even two weeks old. I now need to choose a fabric for the backing and sew that on with some binding, but the end is in sight. I hope to be able to share the finished object with you soon.


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