Thursday, 16 January 2014

Tongue tied

Things have been a little chaotic here of late, Felicity and I have been having some difficulty with feeding leading to our house needing a revolving door for all of the midwives and infant feeding coordinators that have come to see us. It turns out that she had a tongue tie which was tethering her tongue to the bottom of her mouth and understandably affecting her ability to suck. However, we managed to work with it and she has continued to put on weight and today she had a little procedure to correct it so hopefully my greedy little monkey will go from strength to strength.

With all this going on I've had only a little time to knit but I'm pleased to say that Felicity's blanket is so close to being done. I decided that I could probably have got away with casting off after I finished the second repeat, but that leaves me with around a quarter of a star completed at the top of the blanket, so I'm going to keep knitting until row 60 of a third repeat in order to complete those stars. Although a lot of people who've knitted the blanket haven't bothered I've decided that I'm then going to add a backing and binding round the edges. My blanket is a little curly in places and I'd like it to look really good when it's finished, after all it's taken me long enough to knit. I'm hoping to knit like the wind and get it done in the next few days so that I can cast on for my next, super secret project. I'm taking part in a hat swap with some other mums from Cassie's due date group on Ravelry. I've picked such a cute pattern and I can't wait til I can share. What I can share though is the new yarn I had to buy in order to knit it (oops) and all the other yarn I had to buy to keep it company in the mail! I'll save that for tomorrow though.


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