Wednesday, 25 September 2013

WIP: Socks for Cassie

Seeing as how it's starting to get a bit chilly here and seeing as how Cassie seems to need an entire new wardrobe, I thought it would be good to knit her some socks. I've never knit socks for her before and I don't really have a go to pattern for toddler socks (any recommendations are gratefully received). I started to do a quick Ravelry search and then I remembered that my Mother-in-law had bought me a kiddies sock book a while back and that I hadn't tried any of the patterns yet. I'll be honest, it's not ideal, most of the patterns are DK and I much prefer 4ply for socks, but I thought I'd select a pattern anyway, they'll be a quick knit and perfect for indoors and to go under wellies when the weather really starts to turn.

The pattern I chose was Flower Power from Cute Knits for Baby Feet, there are no projects aside from mine on Ravelry so this is a picture of what they are supposed to look like.

I'm won't be bothering with the little flower, but I am sticking with the contrast heels and toes. I'm using the same yarn as the mittens I just made and after this I'll be using it again to knit myself a hat. I'm getting my money's worth out of that colour combo!

The first sock is done, from the time I got to the heel until the time I cast off I was not convinced that there would ever be a second sock. It looked too large, the heel was a mess and the toe not much better. However, I've sewn up the worst of the holes and tried it on Cassie and it fits so I will make the second one. If I ever knit it again I will be making some changes to the whole thing though. I'll save my thoughts on that for the FO post though.



Renee Anne said...

I can't remember what they're called but I think they're called the Garter Ridge Toddler Socks. I made a pair for Little Man and they worked really well. I'm not sold on the short row heel though...

Hanrahan said...

Oh yes, I've made those in newborn size and the heel! I'd knit them again though