Tuesday, 3 September 2013

FO: Garter Stripe Baby Socks

Another pair of baby socks done, once again these are super cute as only tiny little socks can be. The pattern was Garter Stripe Baby Socks. I'm not sure whether I'll make these again, the result is very sweet but the heels and toes are a bit of a pain. Maybe I will make them again but using a different method for the short rows, it was a little fiddly and the insides are a bit loopy. I still have quite a lot of yarn leftover so I'm thinking I can probably squeeze one more pair of baby socks out of it. Maybe for another baby I've just found out is due the same time as ours.

Next up, however is yet another Woolly Wormhead hat, this time though I'll be knitting for Cassie in case she's starting to feel neglected. This will probably be the only one I'll be making her this year, she has got a relatively tiny head (just like her mummy) and all of last year's hats still fit her just fine. I just need to wind the yarn into a ball and get swatching. I should have some progress to share tomorrow.


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Renee Anne said...

I changed the toes to a regular type sock toe with a purl stitch on the instep to mimic the way the pattern is actually written. I wasn't a fan of the short row heel either.