Saturday, 31 August 2013

Fibre Stash

As if I don't already spend enough time on Ravelry, they have recently added a whole load of new spinning features. Clearly this is awesome and has kept me pretty busy over the last couple of days. I've finally finished adding my entire fibre stash and it feels great seeing it all there. This is a feat which I will never achieve with my yarn, I already had a sizeable stash before I joined Ravelry and I've never managed to catch up with adding it all and for that reason I'm fairly lax about adding new stash. I'm hoping that having my fibre stash all in order from the get go will encourage me to keep a much better track of that. I'm also really excited about the spinning features because it means I can now show the whole process, from fibre to yarn and from yarn to FO. This was really the reason I wanted to learn to spin (and also to dye) because I love the idea of a garment that is truly handmade, from beginning to end, by me. Being able to showcase this is just wonderful. Thanks Ravelry!

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Renee Anne said...

I haven't played with the new fiber features (yet). I'm still working on the yarny ones :)