Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Stashdown Stats

As I haven't really been knitting too much lately I've kinda let my stashdown graph slide so I thought I'd better do a quick post before I forgot about it all together.

So there we have it, no change whatsoever for a couple of months there but while this does mean I haven't knit much it also means that I still haven't bought any yarn.  Impressive considering there is a baby on the way!  I don't anticipate that there will be much change before August is out, the socks I have just finished (I'll post tomorrow), the hat I'm currently working on and the socks I plan to knit next are all knit out of scraps so they won't affect the total at all.  Hopefully as Autumn starts to arrive and I settle back into knitting I'll start to make a dent in the stash, providing those tempting yarn retailers don't tempt me too much.

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