Wednesday, 28 August 2013

FO: Tubey

Following hot on the heels of Buzzbee, I took only two days to knit Tubey, showing once again why newborn knits are so much fun. This hat is just as cute and is so simple, being essentially just a tube.

After these two successes it was very hat not to go right ahead and cast on another hat, possibly one for Cassie this time, but I tore myself away from hats and have started another pair of little socks.

These will be a pair of Garter Stripe Baby Socks by Jennifer Hoel knitted once again in leftovers of some yarn I dyed to knit a present for my SIL. I think the yarn came from Yarn Undyed again but this time it is 4ply sock yarn. I'm not a massive fan of orange myself, but it's good to use up leftovers and its nice to use bright yarn for babies so I don't really mind it.


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Renee Anne said...

I made the Garter Stripe Baby Socks and they were a quick knit. I wish I had made mine a bit longer, though...