Thursday, 8 August 2013

Almost trousers

Finally the eye bending pattern tracing is over and I have cut out all of the pieces for my trousers.  Now I just have to make some sort of sense of those famously mind boggling sentences that Burda call instructions in order to sew all the pieces together correctly.  Luckily I do know, in general, how to construct a pair of trousers so if need be I can resort to the old standby of making it up as I go along.  I've already decided not to bother with the bands that somehow attach to the bottoms of the legs, I couldn't make any sense of them from a quick read through of the instructions and they are not visible in any of the pictures so I'm just going to freestyle the hems and see what I end up with.  Other than that, these should be fairly straightforward, so I'm hoping to have them done in just a couple of nap times.

In other news, actual knitting has been taking place! Not very much as it's still a bit warm for me, but it's a start.
These will be teeny weeny baby socks for the new baby, made from the leftovers from my Monkey socks I made a few years ago.  Despite it not really being all that long since I had a newborn I already can't believe how crazy small this looks.  That is a very good thing though, at this size I should be able to have quite a few pairs ready to keep tiny feet warm once January rolls around.

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