Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Lollie no go

After winding the yarn for Cassie's hat and knitting a swatch (something I seldom do) it fast became clear that I wasn't going to get gauge without going up several needles sizes, so that project is going on the back burner while I choose either different yarn or a different pattern for the yarn. Incidentally the pattern I had chosen was Woolly Wormhead's Lollie and I was planning to use some lovely Araucania Azapa.

Sadly this is all wound up again

No matter, I'm just going to move down one on my queue and make a Baby Sophisticate instead. I have some bright pink and turquoise Drops Nepal to knit this in, the main colour will be the blue, with pink stripes of decreasing size going up from the bottom. I will be swatching again, there's nothing like a swatch being way off to remind you why it is necessary!


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