Friday, 6 September 2013


We’ve had a resurgence of really quite hot weather for the last few days so I haven’t really fancied knitting at all.  I got as far as casting on for the swatch for the Baby Sophisticate and knit around half a row before declaring myself too sweaty and giving it up as a bad job.  Today, however is pretty grey and considerably cooler, though still warm, so maybe I can get at least the swatch done tonight.  But first today I need to go shopping for a nice dress to wear tomorrow as my cousin is getting married.  We’ll gloss over the pieces I have all cut out and ready to be turned into a dress for this event, I just haven’t found the time or the enthusiasm to get any further so now I’ll be last minute shopping for a maternity dress that I would happily be photographed in.  Wish me luck!

Even more exciting than a wedding, well for us anyway was our second ultrasound scan yesterday where we had a jolly good look at baby.  She is doing really well and we’re happy to have it confirmed that it is definitely a little girl.  She gave us a big old flash to let us all see right at the beginning, before proceeding to run away from the sonographer for every other observation she wanted to make.  She was wriggling all over the place playing hide and seek.  It was very hard won but we finally got this really sweet shot of her little face.

So cute.

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Renee Anne said...

So, she's not shy when it comes to her gender but she likes to play. That's probably a good thing. Little Man hid and wouldn't let us see anything...but I blame that on being almost 8 months at that point and he didn't have a lot of room.