Friday, 13 September 2013

It's all gone a bit wrong.

Knittingwise, things have not really been going to plan lately. This is rather a shame as it is getting pretty autumnal and chilly here, just the way I like it. After failing miserably to knit the Lollie hat for Cassie I began to swatch for the Baby Sophisticate, only to fail miserably once again to get gauge with my chosen yarn. I began to wonder if I'd gone mad and completely changed my knitting style overnight, but I check the pattern comments and a few people mentioned that they had problems and to try a chunkier yarn. In an attempt to kill two birds with one stone I tried a swatch with the Araucania Azapa I'd intended for Lollie, but again, no dice. And now I'm flummoxed. I can't decide what to do and this is very odd. I want to just cast on for another project but I just cannot decide on one. I should just move down my queue, but I keep wanting to find alternatives for these patterns I've had to give up on, be it alternative patterns or alternative yarns. Why am I being so indecisive?
My sis, me, my bro and SIL to be and Cassie
Not much else seems to be going quite right either. I didn't find any dresses I liked for my cousins wedding on Saturday, so I ended up wearing the same dress I've worn to the last three weddings I've been to. Luckily it fit over my tummy so it wasn't a total disaster. We had a lovely time though and the happy couple were happy so that's all that counts.
I'll gloss over the horror that was this morning, as I got up just in time to witness one of my cats barfing all over the hallway only to move closer and discover that not all the little piles on the carpet were barf...... Cheers kitty, that's just what I needed!


Renee Anne said...

Just another reason I don't have cats. I'm also allergic to them and find the fact that they can lick every part of their body rather disturbing.

What about just a simple little beanie hat for the kiddo?

Hanrahan said...

That made me chuckle, cats are pretty weird really!