Monday, 13 May 2013

WIP: Baby Bolero

While I'm settling on projects for my chosen yarns I've cast on for a quick baby bolero to keep my fingers busy while my mind works.  The pattern I've chosen is this one by Yarn-Madness and I'm using a mystery (probably) chunky yarn from my stash held together with a strand of Kidsilk Haze to help me get gauge.  I quite like the effect of the two yarns together although the fluffiness of the Kidsilk does obscure the cabling and YOs a little.  It feels really great though, sooo soft.  Being a small thing it is growing pretty quickly and I should have it done in a matter of days.  Hopefully by then I will have identified the mystery yarn and it will be a mystery no longer!

1 comment:

Renee Anne said...

Perhaps a good blocking will help show off the cables/yarn overs? I don't know as I don't work with Kidsilk Haze (or, rather, I haven't before).