Tuesday, 7 May 2013

New Book

Before we set off on the birthday car journey of epic boredom, Stu handed me a copy of Animal Hats by Rachel Henderson as one of my presents.  I didn't get much a chance to look at it at the time but I've since managed to flick through it a couple of times.  There are some really fun hats in it and I'm not ashamed to admit that I will quite happily wear hats with ears and faces so there are definitely a couple I will make.  Awesomely this book includes knitted, crocheted and sewn hats so it's a crafty best of all worlds!  A lot of the projects involve a small amount of colourwork so this is a perfect book for someone, like me, who is getting ready to dip a toe into the world of colourwork.  I'm also very tempted by the crochet patterns and I might even start one soon as I am very eager to get my crochet skills up to scratch again.

All in all, the boy done good.

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