Saturday, 11 May 2013


This year's Blog Week, more than anything, saw me really taking stock of the yarn in my stash and in a way rediscovering it and the lovely yarn hidden within it.  While I am aware that compare to many knitters my stash is fairly modest, I have decided that it is too big and that it is time to use some of it.  That's right, a stashdown is in order, despite this oh so tempting DROPS sale which is currently goading me!  That said, I'm quite excited to get started, especially as it's a wonderful excuse to start a very interesting spreadsheet and accompanying graph.  Here is the starting point:

So what is the plan?
First and foremost, no more yarn.  Looking through my stash made me remember how much great yarn I have and yet whenever I choose a project I always end up buying more yarn for it.  I think the reason for this is that most of my stash was purchased with a project in mind but as I am constantly spotting new patterns that I have to make now those yarn languish, patiently waiting for their project to come to the top of the queue.  With this in mind I'm going to try an experiment, choosing projects to go with yarn rather than the other way around.  I'm going to start by choosing 3 long neglected yarns, working out what project I wanted to make with them and if I still want to make it.  If so I'll just make it and if not I'll pick a new project and make that.  Drumroll please..... this time the yarns will be:
Rowan Felted Tweed, grey, 7 balls of.
Rowan 4-ply Soft, black, 1 cone of (probably around 10 balls worth)
Handspun, brown, pink, gold, 1 skein of
Let's begin!


Renee Anne said...

I went and put up a bunch of stuff on the "For Sale/Trade" section on Ravelry...two and a half bins worth. And I'm going to try to work from what I have, too...though I don't know know that I'll go all graphy like you did :)

Alittlebitsheepish said...

Graphs and yarn, excellent :) Looking forward to seeing what you make, sweaters?

Hanrahan said...

That's the plan, nice big projects to use lots of it