Friday, 24 May 2013

Stashdown Yarn 3

My third choice of stashdown yarn was this handspun yarn, made from 50% BFL, 30% Baby Alpaca and 20% Silk which I purchased from Picperfic.  Her new shop is here.  I spun the yarn as a 3-ply and then plied them together with gold sewing thread so it is kind of a 4-ply.  I've measured it as around a 4-ply weight and I have about 200m to play with.  Because I don't have a great amount of yardage for a 4-ply I was a bit stumped when I started to look for a pattern.  I don't really have enough for a shawlette and I couldn't really think of anything smaller that I wanted to make, so in the end I plumped for making a baby item.  Once I realised that it wasn't so hard to choose.  I've been thinking that I need to make Cassie some legwarmers for a while.  If she's wearing trousers when I put her in the sling I find that they get all bunched up, it's hard to pull them down and I worry about her getting chilly ankles.  Legwarmers are the answer to that and these Baby Frog Legs are perfect.  Nice and simple, because I'd like to finish them quite quickly, I'm looking forward to making these.  I'd better check the yarn goes with our new woven wrap when it gets here in the post!

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