Thursday, 30 May 2013

FO: Cassie's Two Tone Bolero

Despite all the angst about running out of pink Kidsilk Haze, Cassie’s bolero is now finished and actually it ain’t half bad.  I had a sticky moment where I thought the arm holes were far too small, but I’d fastened the ends of the bind offs too tightly and once they were loosened all was well.
Because I know that there are 2 shades of Kidsilk haze here is does seem kind of obvious to me, but I actually don’t find it too jarring and I’m glad that I didn’t rip back.  Cassie looks super cute in it too so overall I’m pleased with it.  Again the pattern I used was the Baby Bolero by Yarn-Madness and I’ve managed to discover that the main yarn I used was Wendy Mode Chunky along with the troublesome Kidsilk Haze.


Renee Anne said...

Even though you've pointed it out, I can't tell that you used two different colors of the Kidsilk Haze...

Hanrahan said...

Thanks, I am sooo glad I didn't end up ripping it back!