Saturday, 4 May 2013


The Eden Project
After what seemed like a lifetime in the car we have just arrived home from our lovely holiday in Cornwall.  Because we are all tired and there is lots to do I am just going to drop a few holiday snaps and run.  However, today is my birthday and I know I've got at least one knitting book so I'll definitely have something to talk about next time.
Cassie enjoying her freedon at Eden Project
Meerkat at Newquay Zoo
Cassie strokes a goat
Aww, I wanted to steal this little fella!
Cassie's first time on the beach


Renee Anne said...

Looks like you had a fun trip and happy birthday! What is the Eden Project anyway?

Hanrahan said...

I did mean to add a link for the Eden Project but I forgot, I've fixed it now. Basically it's an educational biodome type project where you can see plants etc that we would never be able to see in Britain. It is incredibly hot there!