Thursday, 9 May 2013

FO: Shrug for Cassie

On her birthday Cassie received an absolutely beautiful dress from my aunt and because it really is perfect for a special occasion I thought she could wear it to a wedding that we have coming up soon.  This being England it is necessary for her to have a have something to keep her warm but I didn't want to have to cover up her lovely dress.  After a recommendation from a fellow Raveller I decided to make a Confection Baby Shrug by Tonya Wagner in light grey Drops Paris.  My plan was to get started on it on holiday but, disaster, when I was getting the yarn down from the box on top of the bookshelf I managed to drop one of the balls right down behind it.  Ack.  Because I didn't want to run out of yarn miles away from home I took sock projects on holiday instead.
Face forward Mummy? I'd rather empty the laundry bin all over the floor actually.
On my return I decided to just go for it, 2 balls might be enough, right?  And surely given a bit more time I might be able to rescue the yarn.  And would you believe it, 2 balls was enough to knit the shrug......but unfortunately it was not enough to cast off.  Typical.  It might now be worth mentioning that the bookshelf in question is almost floor to ceiling and takes up one whole wall of the dining room so I'm not being dramatic when I say it is lost for the time being.  Eventually I decided that it would be acceptable to cast off with different yarn and chose a dark grey wool which actually barely notices when the shrug is being worn. but is quite a nice little detail when you look closely.
The pattern itself was really easy and quick.  Even though I really hate picking up stitches there weren't too many and  certainly not too many that it would put me off knitting it again.  I almost certainly will make another one because it will be perfect for Cassie to wear while she is in the sling.  I often find that she needs her arms covered but putting her in a cardigan just adds another layer of fabric between me and her and I end up with a lovely baby shaped sweat patch on my back.  I think this shrug will be a great solution for that sticky problem!

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Renee Anne said...

Adorable! Simple, yet elegant...or, rather, as elegant as you can get for a toddler :)