Friday, 15 April 2011

In potentia. Pt 1

The last few days I have been knitting and spinning as usual on several things at once, a few rows of my shrug here, a few rows of my sock there, 5 minutes spinning this, 10 minutes plying that and no real exciting progress to show on any of it.  In addition the weather has become rather gloomy so I can’t fill up this post with lovely sunshiney scenes.  So far, so dull, I wouldn’t blame you if you just stopped reading now!
So, for anyone still reading I thought I’d take a little look in my stash, pick out a couple of my favourites and lay out my plans for them.  This seems like something I can fall back on every now and again when I run out of blog fodder, because I do actually have a plan for pretty much everything in my stash.
Today I’ve picked two yarns, both of which I’ve had for a long time and have been destined to be a few things between them.  I’m pretty settled on what I want to do with them now so maybe they’ll actually get the chance to be knitted soon.
This is Regia Color 4-ply in Papillon which I've had 2 balls of since Jan 2009.  I remember buying it shortly after I started making my Flutterby socks thinking it would be a lovely yarn to use if I ever decided to knit that pattern again.  I’m sure I will knit it again because I really like it, but with so many sock patterns out there I think it will be quite some time before I get round to it, so I’ve decided that this will be the perfect yarn to try out the Skew pattern from Knitty.  I’ve loved this pattern since the day I first saw it and I love that it is not your usual sock pattern.
My second pick today is some Felted Tweed which I bought 7 balls of years and years ago to make Celtic (Rav link) from Rowan 40  I still quite like this cardigan, but years have gone by and I’ve never got round to starting it and I don’t think I ever will.  When I saw Olivia in Kim Hargreaves Thrown Together I immediately realised that this would be a much better use of my Felted Tweed.  Clearly I haven’t got round to casting on for that yet either, but I will.  One day.


Ms C @ HappyElastic said...

I think the Olivia is a much better plan. Some lovely patterns in that book.

pinkundine said...

I really want to get some felted tweed, and now you're gonna make something lovely with it too... Not sure how long I can hold out ;)