Tuesday, 5 April 2011


Before Blog Week started I figured that with a week off from talking about my current projects that I would have loads to share once normal service resumed. This was always going to be wishful thinking, but that is my favourite kind of thinking. Due to my seriously irritationg, but all emcompassing need to be working on all the things at once I've made baby steps of progress on everything, but finished nothing. Except for this:
It's the pink sparkly yarn which I proclaimed was nearly finished here back in february. This was not entirely a lie, I did in fact finish plying the yarn, I skeined it and washed it and became the very proud owner of some incredibly squiggly yarn. I think to describe it as a wee bit overplied would demonstrate a complete misunderstanding of the word 'wee', so another go around the spindle was deemed necessary. Obviously I had to wait a couple of weeks, just to make sure it wasn't going to magically unply itself a bit, but eventually I just got on and did it myself. Even now this yarn is still very tightly plied, but I don't have the heart to stick it back on the spindle a third time so it will have to do. There is just over 100m there, not sure on the weight yet.
Other than that, I have just begun to ply the first half of the merino tencel. I'm plying this a lot more loosely than the pink stuff and have no doubt that this will therefore be totally underplied. Hopefully by lowering my expectations this will turn out better than I hope!
And because I don't have enough on the go I have also started spinning some new fibre I got from World of Wool last week. It's an intriguing blend of merini bamboo and soybean, which I have to say looked way more purple on my screen when I ordered it, but apparently the world wants me to spin green yarn and who am I to argue.


Anonymous said...

I would love to try my hand at spinning, it seems fun. The yarn/fiber looks amazing too

Hanrahan said...

It is fun, a bit frustrating at first though but totally worth it.

Renee Anne said...

I never did well with the drop spindle....I have one, I have used it and I'd probably be better at it now. But, I basically skipped the drop spindle and went right to my wheel :)

I like my wheel. I like my yarn, too. I should post about it someday...

pinkundine said...

I'm avoiding learning to spin - I know I'll get addicted! I thought I've have more to blog about this week, after blog week, but I think I spent more time reading than crafting!