Tuesday, 22 February 2011


Even though I have been spinning since New Year, I haven't yet made a proper complete yarn to speak of.  Although I did spin a small sample and ply it (blogged here), that one doesn't really count.  As I've bought and made more spindles I've been starting more and more projects and ended up with loads of spindles full of singles, but no finished objects.  Given that this is the way I manage my knitting projects as well, this really shouldn't come as a surprise to me and I probably shouldn't try to fight it.  However, I have actually finished two matching singles and started to ply it last night.
I think I was so enchanted by the sparkles that I was spinning in with this that I just got on with and it will now be my first finished yarn, despite being the fourth one I started.  It's probably only about 20 grams of yarn, so just a little skein, but I already love it, my first born yarn!
A new spindle arrived yesterday, bought from this seller on eBay.  I like it a lot, it's pretty and spins nicely  for a long time.  The fibre I'm spinning on it is the lovely bright merino I got from Shunklies recently.  I've split it in half and I'm going to spin 50g as is, all the colours mixing together and for the second 50g I'm going to try and split the colours up a little and try and preserve some of the bright colourfulness of the top.  And maybe I might sneak some sparkles in there too - for motivation you understand!


articulateknits said...

Hi Hannah! I found you blog link on the Ravelry group appropriately titled "I blog".

Your spinning looks great. When I started spinning (over a year ago), I was just like you with millions of projects laying about unfinished. I still get distracted by new fibers every now and then. Just recently I went to a knitting convention and I bought a lot of really nice, lovely fiber and I can hardly hold myself back from trying it all out. I already have a BFL/Silk project on my wheel that is really awesome, but I still have the urge to spin the new stuff right away!

Hanrahan said...

Thanks for your encouragement - that's great to hear. And I totally hear you about the fibre, my next post will be all about my latest acquistions!