Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Busy with Izzy

Once again it's all about the cats today.  Little Izzy continues to be poorly and now has not voluntarily eaten a thing since Friday.  We're off to the vet again tomorrow, but until then we are working hard to get enough food in her to keep her going.  This has involved a few scratches and lots of flying tuna.  Stinky.  This is really frustrating for us, but mostly for Billie, especially in the mornings when we go off to work and leave her effectively on her own with no one to play with.  She's been quite well behaved but I can see that her pent up energy is making it a struggle to be good.

In the midst of all this we have managed to book our wedding.  It's happening in June, so once Izzy is better it will be all hands to the pumps to try and get that properly organised.  We are going for a fairly laid back affair so hopefully it shouldn't cause us too much stress, but those sound like famous last words to me!  So with everything else going on I've not really had much time for craft.  I did finish spinning up two very small bits of fibre that came free with one of my new spindles.  I thought I'd spin them on their own and then ply them together just so that I could give plying a go really.
Not great, but not terrible either.  there is a small amount of the fibre left as one of my plies was a lot thinner than the other and I'm probably going to spin that up so that I can try out chain plying.  Chain plying preserves the colour order of singles and my latest projects is striping from black to greys to white so I'd really like to chain ply that instead of relying on 2 singles with matching stripes.

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