Wednesday, 6 April 2011


If it seems like I haven’t  really been knitting much lately then you are not at all mistaken.  I don’t really feel bad about this, I’ve always had phases where I prefer one craft to another and spinning is all shiny and new to me so it’s not surprising that I’ve been favouring it.  But I kind of miss knitting and feel like I need to set aside some time for it.  Spinning is a little more physical than knitting, requiring me to either sit up straight or stand (I prefer to ply standing) whereas I can knit curled up in a ball with very little movement whatsoever.  In fact it’s not even strictly necessary for me to have my eyes open!  Yesterday’s weather was grey and miserable after a lovely sunny weekend so a night of the sofa with my knitting cheered me up no end.  Despite really wanting to work on my lovely, bright, cheerful hand dyed socks (blogged here), the first of which I have left so tantalisingly close to being finished, I did the right thing and spent all evening working on my wedding shrug.
 This is now around 20% finished with 58 days to go to the wedding so I think I will have to pencil in a few more evenings to work on it exclusively.  At least if I focus on worrying about getting my shrug done on time it might stop me panicking about the wedding itself.  How’s that for a diversionary tactic eh?


Nancy McCarroll - Arts, Crafts and Favorites said...

Give us a peek at that shrug!

Renee Anne said...

I spent the last six weeks before my wedding making scarves for all the men in the wedding party (that was a total of nine scarves - one each for the groomsmen and one for our usher)...and the washcloth/hotpad/plant protector things I made for all the ladies (again, a total of nine - one each for the bridesmaids and one for my personal attendant). It took forever...