Tuesday, 3 February 2009

Snow Day

It snowed yesterday. A lot. I got up in the morning and there was snow everywhere, but I thought I'd better have a crack at getting to work. Chris said he would take me and after three attempts we had got up the track to the road and were on our way. About half my workmates made it in and there were a few students kicking about but really not much was going on. It kept snowing so I decided I'd better go home at 1pm before I got stuck at work, because that would not be cool. So I had an unexpected afternoon of knitting, which was lovely. I kept going on my Flutterby socks and decided to make a big ass bobble hat as well, the weather kind of compelled me! I cast on this (Ravelry link), with the intention to finish it the same day but I had to rip back the first 6 or so rows due to being a dummy so I didn't finish it until today. This is it....

Although I would have preferred it to be a bit longer, with a slightly larger bobble, I really like it (I have it on now - maybe I should go put the heating on instead). It took me only a couple of hours to make this so I'm definitely going to make another one with an even chunkier yarn. I am actually off work today, even though the snow has stopped it is still on the ground and it is really icy. Chris couldn't get the car off the drive, let alone up the track to the road so a whole day of knitting for me today! Because of that I have also finished my Flutterby's....

I really love the pattern and will definitely make it again but I didn't like the way the yarn behaved when I got to the foot. I think because you only have half the amount of slipped stitches on the foot it took more yarn per round and the yarn consequently began to pool. Then when it became clear that on the second sock the pooling effect would happen with a different colour on top I was quite peeved. I was hoping the socks would at least match but no such luck. Oh well, as long as I keep my shoes on when I show them off (or at least only take one shoe off) no one will be any the wiser.

So today I have scored two FO's so I need to get casting on again. I'm going to have a second stab at Sloppy Joe seeing as the Kidsilk munching kitty is nowhere to be seen and I will have to cast on some more socks today while I'm at it. I think I know which one's I'm going to make but I haven't committed myself yet. Today is also Day 2 of my diet and I'm not minding it at the mo. I had a quick go on my Wii Fit yesterday just to log my current stats to keep track of everything. I'm going to call my starting weight as W and hopefully soon I will be able to start logging it as W-whatever. I have decided that I will be rewarding a significant success with a new sewing machine, so I definitely have some incentive. My old one is in bits with no imminent hope of repair and really it was a bit cheapy and rubbish. I got enough use out of it to know that I really do enjoy sewing and can make something wearable so I'm looking forward to that reward when it comes. Right I'm off to eat more sprouts and cast on a new project, C ya!

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