Friday, 6 February 2009

Can I have my brain back please?

So I wrote yesterday's post, all about hat ideas invading my brain willy nilly, turned to my notebook to make a few sketches and it all started again. I now not only have loads of ideas for variations of the hats, I have sketches detailing matching neckwarmers for each of the variations. When will it end?! I have already drafted in my sister to be a test knitter once I finally have some semblance of a pattern and what with her being a teenager and all I know she will be more than happy to tell me if it such, or if the finished product is just not cool! I am actually going to try and cast on for some swatches this weekend so hopefully that will go well.

Not much else has been going on for me at the moment really. I'm making steady progress on all of my projects but nothing noteworthy. The weather here is now drizzly and crap. The forecast does keep changing though so we're not really sure what to expect this weekend, hence I haven't made any plans to avoid disappointment. I have been doing my diet now since Monday and am currently at W-2lbs! I'm going to have to rethink the way I do it next week cos it not entirely convenient to eat a bit of salad every hour when I can be away from my desk for 2 hours or more every day. I'm definitely that the amount of veg and greenery I have put away this week must be doing me some good but I just need to find a more convenient way of going about it. The one thing I must comment on from eating loads of salad is the price of cucumber. I'm sure last time I bought on it was about 60p but yesterday I paid £1.20. What is going on in the world of cucumber farming that has caused that? Shocking!

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