Tuesday, 24 February 2009

Sorry, really boring post ahead!

I have just realised that my efforts in keeping up with this blog have been lamentable recently, unfortunately I haven't really been up to much that is interesting really. I haven't done much knitting, bizarrely due to a case of startitis! I keep getting the urge to cast on new things, I think because I'm not currently inspired by what's already on the needles, but I made myself a promise that I would only have 1 project and 1 pair of socks on the go at any one time so I seem to have ended up just doing nothing. Maybe it is time to review my stance on the amount of WIPs I allow myself.

I have also been spending as much time as possible exercising in my continuing bid fit back in my favourite jeans. I'm not actually sure where I am weight wise as I haven't checked it out for a few days, but I'm sure I must at least be getting fitter. I'm currently swimming twice a week, going for a half hour walk at lunch and doing some form of DVD work out every night as well as dieting so hopefully I'll be back to being a skinny minnie in no time at all. Just because I haven't got much else to talk about I may as well put in my tuppenny worth about the DVDs I have been using. Firstly I got 'My Fitness Coach' on the Wii, which clearly isn't a DVD at all! This is actually really cool and I'll tell you for why. Although setting is up is fairly tedious, about half an hours worth of weighing and measuring and checking out how many of this and that you can do, when you get to the workouts it is really good. As you do each exercise along with the computerised lady (who is great because she is not real and you don't feel bad because she is way fitter that you) a bar runs along the bottom of the screen showing the name of the exercise and how much longer you will be doing it for, it also shows rest periods and you can also see what the next exercise will be before you start it so you are prepared. This is especially great for people (like me) who get annoyed on DVDs when the instructor says there are just 8 more to go and then when you are done asks you to do another 8. Why don't they just tell you there are 16 more to go? The best thing however is that when you have completed a section of exercises you are asked how easy/difficult you found it so that it will be easier of harder next time. This means that you can keep pushing yourself long after you may have given up on a DVD that provides no challenge any more. You also get a completely different combination of exercises each time you work out as well, which is really great for the easily bored. You might be able to tell that I like this! Highly recommended. I have also been using 10 Minute Tone Up, this is really good because it is split up into 10 minute sections (No! Really?) for different body parts and I just choose a different one each morning after I get up. The lady on this one is a bit strange so I try not to pay too much attention. She is frighteningly toned and sculpted and has a habit of doing a really fake smile after she has explained every exercise, but other than that it's easy to follow and I do work hard. The final one, I tried for the first time last night was Pilates for Weight Loss for Dummies. The lady on this one is also a bit of a muscle-bound she-goddess but once again the explanations were good and I really enjoyed it. Hopefully I will be able to report some really good results soon.

Well I hope that wasn't too dull. I'm going to try hard to have some actual knitting progress to report soon, but for the moment I'll be sweating and lunging and crunching as much as I can until I can fit a way to adequately do Pilates and knit at the same time!

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