Tuesday, 3 March 2009

Happy Birthday Chris!

No-one believes you are going to be 29 – again! He he, today Mr. Hannah Celebrates his 33rd birthday. I don't think he has had a very exciting day, he is still out of work so he is at home all day and I have been at work but I got him 2 DVDs and an X-Box game so I think he has been celebrating by watching Lara Croft's bottom all day! He had a birthday tea with his family on Sunday, which was nice and he is having a big party on Saturday night so I'm not feeling too sorry for him. Happy Birthday Chris – you old fart!

Well once again I have been up to not much at all. Still exercising like it is going out of fashion and it seems to be going ok, I think I am at roughly W-5lbs, although the party food Chris' Mum brought round on Sunday may have adversely affected that! I have also promised that we can have whatever Chris likes for dinner tonight so I may not have a weigh in for a few days til I can be sure I have worked it all off. My non knitting continues apace (if that is not a complete paradox). I think I am just not sitting still long enough at the moment and I'm finding that even a couple of rows of 4x3 ribbing on my Sloppy Joe is enough to put me off the idea when I do pick up some knitting. I also seem to have lost a stitch on the socks I am knitting and rather that solve the problem I have just put them aside in the hope that they will miraculously be ok when I pick them up again. Am I alone in this kind of delusion?

I have signed up to do the Race for Life again this year. This may be slightly mad as I haven't managed to forget how much I dislike running as a sport after last year, but it is for a really good cause and the atmosphere on the day is really lovely. Sponsor me here if you like. Me and my Mum are fundraising together this year as we know a lot of the same people so it's easier. We won't be running together though as she has no intention of running and I don't intend to walk the whole way. Oh well! I'm promising that as soon as the clocks go forward I will start to go out running again and get back into training, watch this space to see how that goes. I hate running way more than I hate 4x3 ribbing – maybe the Sloppy Joe will get done while I am trying to avoid jogging. There is always a silver lining!

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