Monday, 23 March 2009

Normal service is resumed…

…well sorta. I did some knitting yesterday! Admittedly not very much, but all the same. A little while ago I dug out this (first pic) project, it had been in hibernation for ages because I was a bit bored of all the stockinette in 4 ply but I found it again when I was looking for another mindless project to take over from the plain socks I finished a while back. I did a few centimetres but then realised I couldn't find the pattern and had no idea if I had overshot where the shaping need to go, so it was off to the land of nod again. Luckily I found the pattern yesterday, inevitably while I was looking for something else, which remains lost, but nonetheless, it is found and I have achieved knitting! It is with some guilt, though, that I have to confess that the entire time I was doing it I was thinking about sewing. Does this make me an unfaithful knitter? I received Weekend Sewing on Saturday and it is such a beautiful I can't help but plan what to make. There are also several (and no, Chris, for the hundredth time several does not mean the same as seven. Oy) free patterns on Burda Style which I'm itching to try. Unfortunately I can't get on with any of that stuff until I have a functioning sewing machine, so for the time being I will just have to think about sewing while I knit. No matter how dirty that makes me feel.

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