Tuesday, 2 December 2008

A very strange day

Yesterday, for the most part was actually a very ordinary day. I got up, went to work, did what I do at work and then came home again. Chris car is very not working at the mo, so after a quick look in the (very empty) fridge Chris brother very kindly drove us to Asda so we could buy some food. We got all of our food shopping done and bought a couple of baby bits for Chris' new nephew Peter (it took them a few days to decide but the little fella is now Peter Alexander) and on the way to the checkout I spotted some tiny bottles of martini in boxes of 4. It suddenly struck me that these would be perfect for putting my liqueur in. I've been searching high and low for nice bottles and although I've got my eye on some bug one, I wanted a few little ones as well. These were just right and work out cheaper than empty ones! So off we go to the checkout where I get asked if I have any ID. I don't due to the fact that I am 28 and don't really need it. The checkout lady is adamant even when I explain that I have been allowed to buy booze for 10 years now, but apparently because I look under 25 (why thank you!) and have no ID, even though I clearly look over 18, no sale. I make her feel bad by telling her I only wanted the bottles and had no intention of drinking the contents. She looks guilt stricken but still won't sell them to me. She then won't sell them to Chris because he is with me. Little does she know that I called my mum and dad who were on the way to the shop themselves and got them to buy them for me! So I got them in the end, but seriously, who still has to get their parents to buy their booze for them at nearly 30!

As they were dropping round my little martini bottles, my parents also brought the package containing Chris' main Christmas present round as well. I'd had it delivered to their house and had been unable to move it as it was too big to fit on the Vespa. I wasn't actually expecting it to be quite so huge when I saw it the other day, but I was in a hurry and didn't think too much about it. However when my dad handed it to me last night, I could barely carry it and alarm bells began, very faintly to ring. Now, because Chris doesn't read this I can reveal that I had purchased for him Guitar Hero 3 with Wireless Guitar (retailing at around £60). I was fairly sure that I should be able to carry this as I haven't heard of people being unable to play Guitar Hero due to the extreme heaviness of the guitar. I then got Chris to help me carry it and heard a sort of clanking nuts and bolts kind of sound, the alarm bells really started clanging then and I could ignore them no longer. After making sure Chris was definitely in the bath I finally opened the box and was rather overwhelmed by finding Guitar Hero World Tour Complete Band Edition!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Worth £150!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! While I have been struggling with my conscience over this, I have decided I will probably get over the guilt when I see Chris' face on Christmas Day!

With regard to knitting, progress continues steadily on the Slouchy Cover-up. I'm optimistic that it should be finished by next week. I'm really looking forward to getting it done, firstly because I think it will be a vary useful piece in my wardrobe and secondly because I'm just about ready to move on to something which does not involve endless and very long rows of stocking stitch. Also my Knit Picks Options kit arrived the other day and it is so shiny and lovely that I really want to get on and knit something with them right now. I'm actually very proud of myself for not going right ahead and casting something on with them even though I have a project on the go. I have always been a bit of a one for startitis and last year I decided to take myself in hand and make myself promise to only have on project and one sock on the go at any one time. I have actually managed to stick to this and even though it has been hard at times, I have noticed an increase in the amount of FO's I have got so I think it is a good thing. I am going to start thinking about some New Years Knitolutions for the coming year and see if I can continue to improve my knitting skills and become even more prolific. Much as I love to knit, the real joy for me is having something new to wear (in that way it is kind of like a really slow shopping process) so anything I can do to speed that process up is a bonus. I think I will try and set myself 5 goals for the coming year knit wise so watch this space.

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