Wednesday, 31 December 2008

Guitar Hero - enemy of Knitting!

Well I have to confess upfront that since Christmas I have not knitted a single stitch, for shame! This is entirely down to my new Guitar Hero addiction, apparently the rhythmic pressing of buttons on a plastic guitar has the same effect on my psyche as the rhyhmic movement of needles and yarn. Unfortunately it is way less productive and I have very little to show for it, except for loads of pretend dollars with which to buy pretend new shoes for my pretend rock star. Oh dear. So far I have completed the guitar bit on easy and I'm now working through the bass bit on medium. I have had a bit of a go on the drums, but they are quite noisy and if you hit them as hard as you need to it makes your hands hurt a bit. I haven't had much of a go at the singing, I started a career and got hit with a bit of Motorhead and then 'no sleep til Brooklyn' which weren't really ideal, if I'm gonna sing I kinda need a melody! Chris has the hump a bit at the moment cos he isn't doing as well as me and that hurts his masculine pride! He is being silly because he has completed all the songs but can't get 100% on any of them and apparently that is really depressing. Boys.

I am going to try and get on with some knitting as soon as I can drag myself away from the X-Box. I did tear myself away to got to Bluewater yesterday and have a rummage through the yarn sale in John Lewis. I came away with 8 balls of Kidsilk Aura for £22ish, which was a total bargain. I think it will probably become a Wrap Top (image 1)from Rowan Studio 12. I really want to make Sloppy Joe (image 4) from the same collection but I need 9 balls for that. There is a lot of Aura going on Ebay todayso hopefully I will be able to report that I have enough for my Sloppy Joe by tomorrow. Fingers crossed.

Now on to the most pressing aspect of the day, it is New Years Eve and while I'm not sure what I am up to tonight I suppose I had better start finalising my resolutions. I'll break these down in to resolutions and knitolutions. I'm having to think extra hard about the knitolutions as I actually achieved 2 of them recently - learning a new cast on and learning magic loop. I guess I should learn yet another cast on and then think of something really challenging to learn. There are a few techniques I feel I should learn to master but haven't really bothered cos I don't want to make anything out of them (hands up entrelac) but maybe I ought to think about fair isle and eeek, steeking! I'm going to have a good think about it today and make a list tomorrow.

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