Friday, 19 December 2008

Nearly here!!!!!!!!

19th December – 6 days to go!!!!! Clearly I am a little childish about Christmas still, but I don't think that is a bad thing. There are shiny decorations everywhere, gifts are given, food is eaten and I get a whole week and a half off work, what's not to be excited about! I am nearly completely ready, I have now made fudge in addition to the peppermint creams and think I will just make one more type of sweet for the sweet treats tins. Originally I was going to make truffles, but the fudge is way chocolaty so I need to find something a bit less so. That will be my task for today as I need to have the times ready by tomorrow evening as that will be the last time I see the recipients before Christmas. I think this is a very realistic goal though so worries there. The only thing which would stop me is that I have completed about ¾ of the Star Crossed beret and I am really itching to get that finished. I can't believe how quickly that has knit up, I started it on Wednesday evening, got a couple of hours in yesterday and all I need is an hour or so to finish it off. Instant gratification! I sort of tried it on last night and I think it is going to look really cool – despite the fact that all the cables are the wrong way round (I'm going to be billing that as a pattern modification rather than a mistake!). Unfortunately I think that the Slouch Cover Up may have to lie fallow until after Christmas. I draped that over myself yesterday and I don't like the way the shoulders have turned out, they are a little bunched up and clearly need some attention. I don't really want to have to rip out the 3 needle bind off due to the fuzziness of the yarn so I think I will leave it out of sight until after Christmas when I will have plenty of free time and I can have a really good think about the best thing to do.

I'm off for my 3rd Christmas bash this evening, which I have been very much looking forward to. The first was last Friday, when I met up with all the girls and guys I used to work with at Medway Council. The booze was most certainly flowing and a good night was had by all (especially Becky, right, and whoever that bloke is)! On Tuesday we had an official work Christmas lunch, which was quite nice and tonight I am off to the Christmas curry night with my colleagues, yum yum yum! Tomorrow I am off for a buffet tea at my parents house to help celebrate my Dad's birthday (actually on 23rd – but as that is far too close to Christmas we will have a little party for him tomorrow) so I'm hardly having to cater for myself at all at the moment!

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