Friday, 5 December 2008

My name is Hannah

Well, even thought I stated that I would feel guilty about keeping Chris' super dooper Guitar Hero set, clearly that was not enough for karma (yes I have been watching My Name is Earl). Yesterday I was well and truly smited. To cut a long story short, I was in a bit of a hurry getting ready for work and to make matters worse my straighteners were on the blink. Unwilling to allow time restrictions to dictate the state of my hair I went in search of an old set I had seen in a drawer. Quick as a flash I whipped them out and plugged them in and YEOWWWCH! Eventually I managed to regain my senses long enough to discover that there had been no backing on the plug I had just put in the mains and had just given myself a nasty electric shock. I was very a big brave girl and finally managed to stop crying about 20 minutes later while Chris phoned work to let them know I would be late. Clearly I am ok after my ordeal, but I will admit to feeling a little out of sorts for the remainder of yesterday.

Luckily my little accident hasn't damaged my hands in anyway and I can still knit. Not much to report really, the lSouchy Cover Up is getting there, I have increased for the sleeves on the front and I am now on the last push for the neckline. I thought I probably ought to throw in a little picture of some socks I have been quietly working on in the background. They are a basic pair of bog standard sock which I have been working on as and when I have no other knitting in the room. The yarn is Regia Galaxy, I do quite like it, the yarn is really nice but I don't seem to have really achieved the 'planet rings' look that is intended. I still like them though, even if they are not quite as 'spacey' as I had hoped. For shame, I still haven't made any progress on fixing that short Fluke sock, unless turning it inside out to look for the woven in end counts! I have however diagnosed that I probably won't get very far like that and it will probably be better to snip across the toe. I have plenty of yarn left so I may as well. I'm not sure when I will get round to it, my little bro and his girlfriend are coming to visit from Manchester this weekend and the annual Christmas Dickens Festival is being held in Rochester High Street as well so there is not much time for knitting left. Unfortunately there is also not much time till Christmas left either so I'd really better get a wiggle on!

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