Sunday, 21 December 2008

Quickest hat ever!

I finished my Star Crossed Beret yesterday, I would estimate that it took around 5 hours of knitting time altogether and I love it. Given that I made it from yarn left over from last Christmas, so was arguably free, I love it even more. I went to see my Grandma today and she commented that it was really nice as well, so am properly chuffed. The mistake I made with the cables hasn't affected that finished product at all, so I'm glad I ploughed on rather than frogging when I realised. I had a touch of difficulty as I came to the end of the hat as I didn't have any dpns the right size and the hat was not going to stretch round any further but as I was using my Denise Interchangeables I decided to attach the longest cable and attempt a magic loop instead. I have never done it before and the cables on the Denise's aren't really flexible enough, but I muddled through and it seemed to work really well. Actually, that was he second 'first' of this project as I used the long tail cast on for the first time as well. Obviously I am glad that I learned these new things and that it went well, but learning those techniques was at the top of my New Years Knitolutions list! Clearly I will have to come up with some more things to replace them in the week and a half until New Year.

As far as Christmas goes, I am very nearly completely ready. All presents are bought and wrapped, I have handed over the ones for people I won't see until after the big day and the freezer is stocked full of party food for Christmas Day evening. I am very excited as there are loads of prezzies under the tree for me and I really can't wait for Chris to open his! That is the big massive one which is literally under the tree! I'm not actually sure what will happen when he does open it - perhaps I'll have to make him unpack the contents and rewrap the empty box or the tree is going to look considerably smaller. We are expected around 9 people (as well as ourselves) on Christmas Day, so we want the place to look lovely so we don't need a teeny weeny looking tree showing us up. To be fair though, I think the main attraction will be what is in that box, so maybe everyone will be too busy playing Guitar Hero to care. Anyway, I'm really not sure how I am going to make it through 2 more days at work when I am this excited about Christmas! I think there will be hardly anyone in the office and all of the Universities have broken up so I think those of us who are gonna be working are just going to be wishing the days away til we can have a lovely week and a half off. Can't wait.

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Casper said...

The new layout looks much nicer =]
I like the hat, how comes I haven't seen it yet?!
Yay Christmas, lets hope you have lots of present success stories to blog about next week