Thursday, 1 January 2009

I'm a winner!

First off, good news, I did win 10 balls of Kidsilk Aura yesterday for £25. I was sure I wouldn't win as I was out when the auction finished, there were several lots going but as I wasn't going to be there I risked bidding on 2 thinking I would probably win both or neither. As luck would have it I only won one so I will be able to make my Sloppy Joe in a nice forest green colour. My only concern is whether to wait fir it to turn up and get knitting that or whether to start the Wrap Top right away. Why can I never decide?

As promised I have finalised my resolutions, which are thus:

1. Learn 2 new cast ons - to be finalised but each with different properties, no point knowing 4 cast ons which are all used for stretchy sock tops!
2. Make a garment using some kind of colour work. I'm perfectly capable but I'm lazy and think things will take longer if I use more than one colour.
3. To either make Chris the hat I have been promising, or to teach him so he can make one himself.
4. Stop procrastinating when it comes to finishing garments, picking up stitches etc. I'm sure if I work harder at doing it properly I won't dread doing it so much.

1. To get off my lazy bum and do some regular exercise.
2. To regularly wash my scooter, it would look so much nicer not covered in mud.

That's it really, I'm all about keeping things achievable! Once I have done all of those maybe I will set myself some new goals. For the moment I have one small trimph, I pit down the plastic guitar long enough to finish turning the heel and make a good start on the foot of my Space Socks. I can't be too proud of it though, it is only really because Chris was playing so I couldn't!

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